I love shopping! It serves as my castaway every time I'm so stressed most especially with work. But there are times; I can't afford to go to my favorite mall or boutique to shop.  It is my passion, to shop particularly on shoes. I have a separate room where all my clothes, shoes, bags and accessories are arranged accordingly. Ever since I've been promoted, I cannot afford to shop anymore. One time, while having my lunch break, I decided to browse the net and look for some new trends in fashion. I have already tried and checked almost every online shop. But there's one website that really caught my attention. It is Zappos online shop.

I am not familiar with the name neither with the site so I open and browse it. It amazes me that this site answers my questions.  As I browse Zappos site, I found that they were not selling only one particular type of item. They were not only into apparel for women, men and young ones. They were also selling shoes, eyewear, couture, watches, gowns and many more. All of their products are of different brands you didn't expect you will see. Moreover, if you were undecided about your size, Zappos also provides Fit Info area in their website wherein measurement guide, model measurement and size conversion chart are listed. This fit info will definitely of great help to clients who were not sure if what they will order will fit them.  Aside from selling, they also provide information if they want to hire staff. As a matter of fact, I was tempted to apply in the open position they posted! Hahaha!

Anyways, Zappos have provided different options in which their customer will surely enjoy while browsing their products. One of these is the Customer Testimonials. In this area, you can see the different testimonies of different customers saying the pros and cons of the product. But to top it all, still the testimony ends up with customer satisfaction.  Another area in their site is the Glossary of Terms. If client is just new on online shopping, she can go to this area and look for the different terms they used to describe their products. These terms will help clients decide what product will suit them. These terms also discussed what the product is made of. This is better way to know that all of the products being sold are really of high and good quality.

With regards to cost? Of course, it's not a cheap one! A little bit expensive as compared to other online shop but you can be assured that it will last a long time because of its quality.

I enjoy browsing their site that I soon forgotten that it's already time to work! Lol! I will continue browsing Zappos site when I get home and I will surely try their products. Their  site is the best solution for my shopping galore.